About Us

Welcome to, where our vision is to highlight your son or daughters' individuality through fashion and fun.

Our Story

Hi! Our names are Ryan and Trina Anderson, and we met in 2010 working for a merchant service office together. Call it love at first sight or soulmates, but not too long after meeting we started our own credit card processing company and then got married. We’ve worked very hard at being a great team, providing exceptional credit card processing services and customer support to thousands of businesses.

Although we were very successful in business we longed very much to become parents and grow our family. After seven long years our prayers were finally answered and in 2017 we were blessed with our beautiful baby girl Aritzia. Aritzia, or “Ritzy” as we call her, has opened our eyes to life and changed our world forever. She is sweet, assertive, and strongly independent. She loves dinosaurs, kitty cats, dresses, and her favorite color is blue. As a two year old, she is very decisive and knows exactly what she wants. In her words “this one’s better.”

This is how we got here. In this busy world where parents are working, taking care of the household, managing social commitments and running their children around, the last thing they need is one more errand to run. makes finding that perfect outfit, school shopping and keeping up with your child's trendy personality easier and more convenient. We pride ourselves in providing unique clothing that highlights your child’s individual style without having to compromise or go the extra distance. Children are the heart of our future, so let our future be stylish.